Here’s what Stackla had to say about us

Stackla is the world’s most intelligent visual content engine. In a nutshell, it’s a platform powered by AI-technology which allows businesses to find, manage and publish great content across all marketing touchpoints. In our image-and-video-saturated world, it cuts through the noise and their customers, which include SONY, Nintendo, McDonald's and global charities such as the WWF, testify to that.

Stackla has now been with JobLab for a little over a year, and in that time have hired three sales development reps.

Like us, Stackla experienced the shortcomings of the traditional recruitment industry first-hand. The stilted and sporadic communication was, in their words, ‘laborious’, and in the long term this led to a breakdown of trust. JobLab’s platform gave Stackla the freedom to choose between candidates who had been incentivised to create comprehensive profiles and engage quickly and honestly with employers.

As a result, they found great people.

The first, they say, is ‘the best sales development rep in the business globally … very easy to coach, succeeded numbers without fail, a real find’. Within a year, that person has been promoted to an account executive role. The most recent SDR accepted Stackla’s offer and started within just six days!

The most cost-effective way to optimise the sales arm of your business, and one of the most cost-effective ways to optimise your business overall, is to hire an SDR. Without one, you’re always on the back foot—sealing deals, perhaps, but not proactively generating outbound leads and creating a healthy pipeline of potential customers. This is especially relevant for early-stage businesses. But larger companies, too, understand the value of a great sales development rep and, in the longer-term, a great SDR team.

The current recruitment landscape makes finding such people tricky. The stubbornly employer-first approach that recruiters take is, ironically, to the huge detriment of those employers. When you commodify and confuse candidates, you drive them away from the employers who need them and encourage them to take jobs they don’t want just for the sake of having one. The ‘talent problem’—the recruitment and retention of great people—is one of the most enduring difficulties in the current business landscape. But the talent itself isn’t the problem. It’s just that great people can’t find great companies, and vice versa.

This was why Stackla turned to JobLab.

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