Why we're paying you to job hunt

We pay job-seekers to job-hunt | JobLab

Finding a job can be hard.

Especially one you’ll enjoy. Maybe that’s why they call it ‘hunting’. Despite most job searches now starting online, the experience is a hangover from the last century.

Recruitment isn’t working

Take CVs for starters. Laying out your skills, experience and qualifications on two A4 pages isn’t very 2019 is it.

In our personal lives, we’re all over the internet. Sharing a full-colour picture of who we are using photo and video. But professionally we’re stuck in black and white.

Traditional recruitment agencies don’t understand who we are today or share our values.

Then there are the jobs boards, where you lose hours scanning ad after ad after ad. All talking like robots and looking for previous experience and job-specific skills.

It can be pretty frustrating when you’re fresh out of university looking for your first role. I know from experience.

Let’s not forget LinkedIn. We’re all fed up with sites like this. Platforms that make it impossible to get your personality across and stand out. They’re so dry and corporate. Not the sort of place you’d want to spend much time.

As soon as you join, you’re spammed with generic messages from recruiters who clearly haven’t read your profile. So you ignore them.

No one is getting what they need out of traditional recruitment. No jobs site is putting candidates first. Or showing any understanding of what it’s like to look for a career in the 21st century.

There has to be a better way

That’s why we created JobLab - with a mission to help graduates get discovered by, and start their careers at, awesome companies they didn’t know existed.

We wanted ‘selling’ yourself online to be as simple as selling something on eBay. Easier! No more application forms. No more jobs boards. No more awkward phone calls with recruitment agents.

We know you’re more than your CV. So we let you show employers who you really are, with your own profile page and video ‘cover letter’.

And we think you should be rewarded for your time and attention, not robbed of your data. So we’re the first careers marketplace to pay you for using our site.

JobLab Tokens

When you use JobLab you earn JobLab Tokens.

Creating a profile. Responding quickly to messages. Inviting your friends. We reward you for all these things. We even give you JobLab Tokens when you get a job.

Some may call it bribery. We call it valuing the people who use our site and make it what it is. You.

You can exchange your Tokens inside JobLab to buy a profile review from another member or book a coffee with a startup founder. Or you can exchange them for Bitcoin, Ethereum or cold hard cash.

To help you get set up for your new job, keep you fed and watered while you’re job-seeking, or splash out on dinner to celebrate your excellent new career.

An engaged community

We don’t just do this to say thanks for choosing JobLab.

An engaged community of job-seekers and employers is good for everyone.

You can find work that fits you perfectly - your skills and values. And companies get to choose from the best talent out there.

Our data is precious. We all know that now.

That’s why many people are leaving social media giants like Facebook that have built their businesses on selling our personal information.

For too long, recruitment agencies have squirrelled away data on candidates with no transparency about how they’re using it. It’s not right.

The digital spaces of tomorrow will value their users and reward them for sharing their data. At JobLab, we’ve just got a head start.

Thanks for being part of it.