The JobLab Cover Note

Did you notice that when you hit “Apply” this popped up?








Here at JobLab we want to take the stress out of applying and securing your dream role. However, this can’t come at the expense of you blending in with the crowd. That’s why we’ve introduced the cover note as a short, snappy way to get hold of employers’ attention. It should be a short paragraph or set of bullet points summarising why you are interested in the role and what experiences and strengths you have that match what they are looking for.

Need more help? Check out the example below:

Job applied for: International Sales Executive

Why I’m interested in the role:

Your role offers me the perfect opportunity to build on my existing B2B sales experience in a high growth, global minded tech startup.

  • Sales experience: Sales Associate at JumpIn, market mapping and identifying new areas of growth, exceeding personal sales targets, strong understanding of the full sales cycle
  • Teamplayer: committed cheerleader for 3 years, organising practices, competitions and team events
  • Excellent communicator: maths tutor during the holidays for GCSE and A Level students, listening and adapting teaching methods to suit my students
  • Entrepreneurial: Creating, marketing and selling handmade items at my school’s christmas fair and generating profit

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